Why the #BestSummerOfAll is a bittersweet one

Suppose life jumped up - in the way it does - and gave you a smack in the face. A smart, wake-up smack, in case you had somehow dozed off and forgotten to live life fully, in the way you had intended. In case you had temporarily slipped off course, or got a little lost or muddled.


What do you do in response to that wake-up? Well, it's just happened to me - a friend and colleague died - and he was my age. And now I have moved through the shock and had space to reflect, I am joining a movement in his honour, to make this my Best Summer of All.


Suppose you also decided you were going to make this your Best Summer of All... I am curious:

How would you know it was your best summer?...

How would other people notice?...

What would be different as a result?...


Would you be happier, healthier, wealthier, wiser.... would your business be stronger... would you have enjoyed more valuable time with your loved ones... would you have resolved an uncomfortable relationship... would you be putting plans in place to make your next summer even better?


I am offering no-cost, no strings, life-enhancing coaching conversations in my contribution to the #BestSummerOfAll. I would be happy for you to share this with someone who might benefit from it. And I wish you the best of summers too.


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    Sue Lickorish (Monday, 18 August 2014 23:11)

    Thanks Suze and Leo for your thoughts.
    What are you pleased to notice about what's already working well in these areas?

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    Suzan St Maur (Friday, 25 July 2014 10:35)

    What a brilliant idea, Sue - and such a fitting tribute to your friend who passed away.

    How would I know it's my best summer?
    Because this year I chose to stay here in the UK and only go "home" to Canada in September ... and so far the wonderful weather has been rewarding me for making that decision...

    How would other people notice?
    I would love to say "by my sun tan" but that's not viable as I don't sunbathe any more! They might notice that I've had time to publish and promote my new book, and have been around teaching and talking at meetings, workshops, seminars, etc.

    What would be different as a result?
    Probably some weight gain due to over-indulgence in strawberries, raspberries, cherries etc. with extra helpings of cream...and overall a more relaxed Suze, not hurrying to get everything done before flying off to Toronto.

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    Leo Searle Hawkins (Saturday, 19 July 2014 08:35)

    I love the way you write Sue. So engaged and friendly and real.

    How will I know it was my best summer? I will feel blissfully happy having written The Fifth Butterfly in honour of my beloved Jenny and will have received feedback from others that my efforts have touched their lives in a positive and helpful way.

    How would other people notice? They will hear and see a very happy, peaceful, and blissful Leo who exudes a feeling of fulfilment and calm acceptance of life.

    What would be different as a result? The world will be richer by one more book-blog and my readers lives will have been enriched by the insights that are now guiding them towards being at peace with what is, while feeling increasingly blissfully happy.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your words as I feel you have a true gift to share in an inspiring and wonderfully, humanly, enjoyable way.

    much love,