Sue Lickorish

Conversation Changer

I am a highly flexible, energetic and motivating ‘guide on the side’ and I love to energise positive change for individuals and organisations. A Solution Focus Professional and voracious learner, I specialise in solution-focused (SF) practice, facilitation, team and individual coaching, accelerated learning and creativity. I also train people to use SF in their work.

People tell me my style is warm, vibrant, encouraging, challenging, respectful…and infectiously enthusiastic. I have a stack of recommendations on my LinkedIn profile so I invite you to connect with me there and see what others have to say.

I spent nine years as a Human Resources and Training professional with Mercedes-Benz (UK) Ltd and Deloitte & Touche, before having a baby and wondering how on earth to manage all the travelling (to deliver training nationally) while being a proper mum. I became an independent development consultant and coach in the year 2000 and I have worked flexibly, combined with caring for young and old, since then. 


Working across all sectors, I have trained, coached and facilitated clients as diverse as Skanska, The Open University, Royal Mail, T-Mobile, The Heritage Lottery Fund, The Children’s Society, Northern Rock, NHS Trusts, the Office for National Statistics and the Royal Air Force. 


I have the good fortune of knowing and being able to work with some very special people - it's one of the things that I get excited about. Between us, we have a superb range of experience and specialisms. So, depending on the nature and size of your project, I will pull a team together as needed. I will discuss it with you and let you have biographies in the preparation for your event(s).

What's with the name?

I'm often asked about the origin of the name Lickorish. I'm more interested in what pioneering doctor Howard Kornfeld, MD ( recently told me: licorice is being used  to heal stomach ailments as it has a calming and palliative effect. The goal of palliative treatment is to improve quality of life without dealing with underlying causes. Stronger meds can be avoided by treating patients with a combination of herbs. I like the metaphor: Lickorish is a natural agent with a calming, soothing effect, that works ecologically with your system to make you feel better...  :-)