"Stories from Sweden: how Solution Focus is improving collaboration between health, social and employment services"

Please help us to spread the word among professionals in the fields of healthcare, social services and employment services. We are excited to present our keynote presentation at the UK Association for Solution Focused Practice conference, 4-5 June 2015, Milton Keynes.

Let’s learn what approaches we might adopt or adapt in the UK in the delivery of services to communities in these times of tighter resources and greater need.


Work inspired by and utilizing the Solution Focused Approach is making remarkable progress in some parts of Sweden.

Join us to learn how our Swedish colleagues, Jonas Wells and Sussan Oster, have:

·        Made progress in successful collaboration between healthcare services, job centres, social insurance offices and social welfare services across the nation.

·        Delivered joint training and workshops on policy-making between various public organisations

·        Facilitated large groups in creative communication processes

·        Contributed to the incredible success story of Norberg


There is momentum gathering that inspires hope for even more community-building and the further evolution of joint integrated services for those citizens most dependent on those services to help them get on with their lives. Let’s inspire service delivery in the UK to learn from Sweden’s success.


Booking and more information on 10 workshops and much more at www.ukasfp.co.uk

There is a special local deal for Milton Keynes professionals working in related roles. Please contact Sue Lickorish for more details. sue@makingchangeeasier.com or 07930269774



UKASFP Conference 2015: Building Communities and Improving Lives using SF Approaches, 4-5 June 2015, Milton Keynes

Visit www.ukasfp.co.uk for all the details of this forthcoming conference of the UK Association for Solution Focused Practice.


If you are involved in health, employment and social services provision, you will find this relevant. We are bringing some professional friends over from Sweden to share with us their stories about how taking a Solution Focused approach is improving the way they are delivering public services there.  In these tough times of slashed budgets in the UK, where more and more needs to be done with less and less, we all need to work smarter and leaner. Organisations can benefit from smarter ways of interacting among their own people as well as collaborating with other services. Service users can benefit from the efficient Solution Focused approach. What's not to like? ;-) Please do get in touch if you'd like to talk about what to expect from the event.


Making Change Easier

I am in the process of changing the business name to Making Change Easier and the website to MakingChangeEasier.com. I got fed up of having to answer "what does infusion do then?" So now it says on the tin what it does in the tin. That's what Making Change Easier is all about - making change easier for leaders and teams. So there will be new content and a new design coming soon. I am a tad sentimental about my current logo, as it was designed by my late friend, Tony Ososki. Still, I guess it's time for an update and a new look.

Gradually I'll be evolving the site and filling in the gaps. I'll let you know when there's something new to come and see :-)


Why the #BestSummerOfAll is a bittersweet one

Suppose life jumped up - in the way it does - and gave you a smack in the face. A smart, wake-up smack, in case you had somehow dozed off and forgotten to live life fully, in the way you had intended. In case you had temporarily slipped off course, or got a little lost or muddled.


What do you do in response to that wake-up? Well, it's just happened to me - a friend and colleague died - and he was my age. And now I have moved through the shock and had space to reflect, I am joining a movement in his honour, to make this my Best Summer of All.


Suppose you also decided you were going to make this your Best Summer of All... I am curious:

How would you know it was your best summer?...

How would other people notice?...

What would be different as a result?...


Would you be happier, healthier, wealthier, wiser.... would your business be stronger... would you have enjoyed more valuable time with your loved ones... would you have resolved an uncomfortable relationship... would you be putting plans in place to make your next summer even better?


I am offering no-cost, no strings, life-enhancing coaching conversations in my contribution to the #BestSummerOfAll. I would be happy for you to share this with someone who might benefit from it. And I wish you the best of summers too.