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The Case for SixSF

SixSF brings together the best of Solution Focus and Six Sigma in an approach that makes business change easier, faster and more sustainable.


SixSF engages people fully in the change process and encourages cooperation and creativity rather than resistance. And it’s measurable, both quantitatively and qualitatively.


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Solution Focus (SF)

Solution Focus is a collaborative, personalised, strength-based approach to change. It has a clear focus on sustainable outcomes and embraces simplicity and economical use of resources. It asks what works and how we can do more of it. It draws on strengths rather than deficits. There's no 'paralysis by analysis' in SF. It's brilliant at helping individuals, teams and organisations to break out of vicious problem cycles and develop constructive, customised solutions.

Six Sigma (6S)

Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. It applies specialist expertise to: reducing process cycle time; reducing pollution; reducing costs; increasing customer satisfaction; increasing profits. 6S searches for failure, waste and poor quality. It tends towards exclusion rather than inclusion. But it's objective, rigorous and thorough, and its emphasis on statistics and quality management methods produces measurable results.


Solution Focus and Six Sigma together. Really?

Two different approaches. One solution focused, one problem focused. One future, one past oriented. One subjective, one very much objective. Two repelling forces, you might think. Pistols at dawn, even. BUT... we find that the two can complement and enhance each other... Through testing boundaries, commonalities and differences, instead of bouncing off into a void of conflict, they are falling into orbit.


SixSF combines SF with 6S: simultaneously accessing the objectivity and tools of Six Sigma while infusing it with the positive simplicity of Solution Focus. It brings the best of both worlds, utilising both the creative and analytical in a way which is innovative yet grounded, intuitive and objective.