Who I work with

What kind of clients get the best results with me?

Whether you head up the Executive or lead a team of front-line staff, you are likely to be a forward-thinking leader who recognises the talents of your people. You want to build strongly effective teams where people feel involved, motivated and committed. You value a collaborative, practical, focused approach to making things work better in your situation, rather than trying to make the latest fad or off-the-shelf solutions work for you. And you’re really busy, so it needs to be efficient and effective.


Clients who are going to be successful working with me are likely to:

  • stand for something – probably something bigger than them - and want to get on with making it happen
  • value integrity and authenticity in relationships – because these make for successful communication, and they know that ‘pretending’ is draining
  • recognise that emotional intelligence, ‘soft power’, collaboration and co-operation make for more effective leaders – and that authoritarian management is old-school
  • recognise that sustainable transformation comes from building on existing strengths and resources - rather than slogging away at trying to fix weaknesses. (Don’t try to teach a pig to sing – it doesn’t work and it upsets the pig.)
  • hate wasting time and money – they welcome short and effective interventions with minimum disruption, that engage maximum commitment and energy and enable them to get on with the job
  • be open to new ways of seeing and doing things.

My clients don’t need an expert to come and sort them out. They’re grown-ups. They want a ‘guide on the side’ to help them think through and sort their own problems out. And they want that process to be brief and as painless as possible for all involved. Wouldn’t you?


Contact me for an exploratory conversation.

My clients value constructive conversations that energise, inspire and move them forwards... really useful interactions that generate high quality, creative thinking and get them unstuck in tough situations - fast. I specialise in doing more with less, and I do it directly, authentically and with intelligence, warmth, humour and compassion. On top of that, you will learn tools to use in your organisation to keep you moving in the right direction.