Leaders and Teams

I enjoy working with teams, with SMEs and with non-profit organisations. My clients want to be efficient, lean and agile organisations that develop resilience and flexibility to navigate constant change. Your resources - time, people, money, energy - are precious and you don’t want to waste them.


If you are anything like me, you want:

  • To get results fast, with minimum disruption – and with enthusiastic support from your staff
  • To find practical solutions that perfectly fit your unique situation and produce little or no resistance – because you are working WITH the energy of your people, not against it
  • A brief, focused intervention – that saves time and energy
  • Great value for money – because I hate waste as much as you do.

My clients value constructive conversations that energise, inspire and move them forwards... really useful interactions that generate high quality, creative thinking and get them unstuck in tough situations - fast. I specialise in doing more with less, and I do it directly, authentically and with intelligence, warmth, humour and compassion. On top of that, you will learn tools to use in your organisation to keep you moving in the right direction.

What kinds of situations do leaders want help with? Here are some examples…

  • Your team is performing well but you know it could do better if you were able to find ways to tackle some of your current difficulties.
  • You are struggling with communication issues and conflicts in your team which are affecting performance and wasting energy. There’s blame and gossiping, and you can’t agree on the best way forward to resolve matters.
  • Your workplace is changing. Maybe you’ve merged, split, restructured. You have team members who are finding it hard to adapt. This is affecting morale and results.
  • Your budget has been slashed and you are wondering how on earth you are going to deliver your services with less money and fewer people.